Some People are Artists. Some, themselves, are Art

wanna who know

we are ?

The Soundtrack Cafe – Weaving an unforgettable experience everyday!
We are not just a cafe with scrumptious food, we are also an artist’s favorite place. We are fond of music and food and we’ve built a place that hosts both. Come experience a unique mix of sonorous music and deliciously crafted menu full of good food.
As the name suggests, the cafe is designed for a musical experience. Come experience an evening laced with an exceptional music treat created by independent artists. Each corner is designed with top-notch sound systems for a LA LA Land experience!!



Our Unique Concept Designed just for you!

The SoundTrack Café is a concept that entails essential elements of a perfect time! From a hot cup of
coffee to thoughtfully curated music by independent artists, the cafe promises more than just
delicious food. A date with a loved one or a date with yourself, our
food, coffee and music will enhance your whole experience.

We love music so we promote it too!

TSC is also a platform to give an artist the chance to showcase his melodies in front of a live audience. We also organises movie nights and other fun events for our visitors. The cafe is not just a good place for a happy tummy but also a place for happy ears!

The Team – 3 Music Musketeers!


Our team consists of 3 young yet talented music enthusiasts who transformed their passion for
music into TSC. Started with a vision to spread the joy of music, they are now constantly upgrading
the cafe to transport you to the world of sounds. Their years of experience and expertise in the
audio industry has helped in making TSC one of kind!

the remarkably wonderful

sound place

Driven by the passion for sound, The Soundtrack Cafe’s interiors are tuned to perfection for achieving the best acoustical performance and ambience with an innovative and acoustical.approach. The Audio Technik team, who has acoustically designed the cafe has achieved the best of technical and aesthetic domains. With practical acoustical solutions, The Soundtrack Cafe’s sound system is powered by Bose Pro to achieve the magical soundscape.