Electrifying beats meet delicious eat!


we are?

What happens when a bunch of overly enthusiastic entrepreneurs, highly addicted to music and ridiculously in love with coffee and good food meet under one roof? Well, it results in the creation of The Soundtrack Café aka TSC! Conceived as a space for every smallest streak of creativity to amplify into giant fireworks, TSC was started as a den for people who are ready to follow their soul’s journey into originality and awesomeness. Since we are pathetically addicted to music and originality, TSC makes it a religious ritual to serve indie music compositions. Here, we stage artists who have the guts to show the world outside what lies inside them. Here, we promote souls that create their own language to speak to the world. Here, we salute music that is not scared to stand up and venture out on its own wild quest. We are The Soundtrack Café, where Music is our Addiction!



The name says it all!
The SoundTrack Café - A Cafe that not just serves mind-blowing coffee but also some excellent flavors for the soul that we call - Music. And not just any music. Notes that spring right from the soul of independent artists with an essence that is nothing short of a Masterpiece. We’ve heard a lot of mainstream cover music in our country but at The Soundtrack Café it’s all about original and unheard compositions. It takes courage for an artist to go independent; to be a trend setter; to follow their soul. We walk along the same shore. Being inspired by originality and fueled by courage, should we then call this our concept or our passion or simply our way of living. What we brew here is what we hear here cos We are The Café SoundTrack! We are #bornindie!



A pack of 3 young visionaries whose common dream personifies into what they call The Soundtrack Café. Driven solely with a passion for music and originality, this trio decided to propel their passion by launching TSC. With a massive reputed experience in the field of Audio and Acoustics, they have given this place a professional and technical touch unlike any other. All these factors brew perfectly to give you a musicalicious (Great music+Delicious food) feeling! The TSC’ians are committed to nurture your passion for music with total devotion! Come over to meet them at TSC whenever u feel low on music, recharge and rejuvenate with fresh music!



Music is a timeless tradition! Present in every known culture, it’s been connecting generations with a common passion for thousands of years. TSC was born with the same objective to serve as a connecting bridge between music and your passion until the point you realize that music is what feelings sound like!! This connect grows stronger when blended with delicious food, memorable events & fantastic beverages! Experience the amazing soundscape powered by Bose professional sound system. Hop in to experience the connect!